Synopsis and a storyboard

Children’s Society projects.


I see the whole animation as a loop. The camera movement does the storytelling slowly revealing more details leading to a whole picture. The title fades into a black background. The story starts from a character being dropped into a black empty space and floating like underwater. Drowning and suffocating. The character swirls from time to time. Zoom out, now we see the character is floating in the bottle. Zoom out, the bottle is being held by a bigger character looking exactly the same as a smaller character in the bottle. Bigger character is more of a silhouette seen from the side with two cogs slowly spinning in the head. The bigger character takes a sip which swirls a smaller character in a bottle and stops cogs spinning. When cogs start slowly spinning again, he takes another sip to stop them. This will loop couple of times where the Audio finishes with ‘You can’t go oh there’s a little problem here let me solve that, it’s all one big one and it becomes indistinguishable from each other.’ fade to black. Credits.

A simple storyboard.